When my mother who had lived in an assisted living facility in another county for three years, moved to Clark Manor House it was love at first site! The bright bedroom, the private bathroom, and especially the dining room with a table large enough for all of the residents to sit together for meals are just some of the tangible assets. Meals are happy times with fresh food prepared in a state of the art kitchen by an experienced chef. For my Mother who loved to cook, the variety of food and wonderful menus were greatly appreciated. The intangible, the feeling of the house, is that of a respectful and caring family. The caring begins with the Administrator as she leads her staff in carrying out their duties in a very professional way. Each one would demonstrate over and over their sincere thoughtful caring with patience and humor. They often went the extra mile to make life happier and easier for the residents and their families. My family and I watched as my Mother became healthier, more engaged, happy and peaceful during her time at Clark Manor House. It was a time of quality living for her. We will be forever grateful to everyone involved with her care and the love given to her.

It was love at first site!