Happy 102nd birthday to resident Kay Perry! Longevity runs in the family as her sister Jane celebrates a birthday today too and just turned 100! How cool is that?

Kay was born in Jamestown, NY and raised in Rochester. (Her favorite actress, Lucille Ball, is also from Jamestown, she says.) Her sister Jane now lives in California. Kay’s fondest memory is of her and her sister playing hopscotch as children. She also loved to dance, with her favorite dance being the waltz. Kay met her husband, Tony, at a dance and “it was love at first sight,” she said. They raised a son, Jim, and have two granddaughters. While living in Rochester, Mrs. Perry worked at Hickey Freeman for many years.

Kay has lived at the CMH for the past two years. She says she “loves living at Clark Manor and the girls are very, very nice.” She believes that the secret to her long life is walking daily and eating well. Our chef helps with eating well and made her favorite meal for her birthday dinner (beef tenderloin).

Help us wish Kay a happy 102 birthday!

Happy Birthday, Kay!